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Photo: Riikka Vaahtera

I’m a 35-year old specialist, active citizen and a member of green political movement. My husband Mikko is a software designer. We live in Tammela and have two kids (born 2008 and 2011). Currently I work as an office manager in a game company and volunteer in several associations. I like to orienteer, play ice hockey, cook, play board games and ride my bike even during the winter. Our family has been very active in CouchSurfing, we’ve hosted plenty of foreign travellers from all over the world and it’s been a great experience. Recently I’ve been actively involved in Refugees Welcome movement, helping asylum seekers to find native host families to live with, and hosted one family myself. I’ve learnt much about our society and this city from a non-native citizen perspective.

My background as a politician is in student politics. In the beginning of my studies I was volunteering in subject organizations and after that at the student union. Then I got a job as a secretary for academic affairs. My job involved matters concerning higher education, university administration, employment and well-being of students. I’ve also been representing students as a board member at the University of Tampere. These jobs and positions of trust have taught me a lot. I can handle administration, strategical thinking, management and budgeting. I’ve also seen how important it is that people can take part in decision-making. I think it’s important to get student’s voice heard, but I also came to realize that many people need someone to speak for them much more than students do. So now I’d like to use my skills to make the world a better place.

Currently I’m involved in local politics. I’m a chairperson of the board of Tampere water and a member of the board of Tampereen vuokra-asunnot (a company that provides rental apartments). I’m also a involved in local green associations and election campaigns and volunteering. I’m interested in promoting education, human rights, good administration, knowledge society, usability of city services and well-being of people. I prefer to negotiate, but my most important principles and values are not for sale. It’s typical for me to study all matters carefully before making decisions and to use clear argumentation. I’m also good at listening to people and coming up with ideas of how to solve their problems. If you want to know more about me, my goals or opinions (there’s lots of material available in Finnish, but unfortunately I can’t translate it all), don’t hesitate to ask! I also hope people to propose their ideas of how to make the society a better place. All kinds of feedback is most welcome, too.

PS. Check also 12 green promises for the municipalities, the program of the Green party for this election.

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